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Much more than a customized ERP

We investigate, study, plan, program, calculate, analyze, correct… We are the best partners to drive your business towards higher goals.

We are a company specialized in business solutions based on the Odoo ERP management system. We are committed to boosting your competitiveness through effective business strategies and simplification and automation of management processes.

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Our working method

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In order to provide customized solutions, we meet with you to understand the specific needs and objectives of your company.

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Free assessment

We offer a free initial assessment to evaluate how Odoo ERP can benefit your company.

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Process analysis and planning

If Odoo is the ERP you want to implement, our team of consultants will perform an in-depth analysis of the company’s processes to establish the basis for effective planning.

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We are committed to ensuring that your team gets the most out of our solutions. We offer comprehensive training ranging from fundamental concepts to customization, ensuring that they are fully prepared for efficient system management.

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Integration / Implementation

Our experts will take care of customizing Odoo ERP to perfectly fit your needs. This includes data migration and precise system configuration.

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Once the implementation is complete, we will help you get the system up and running efficiently. Our commitment is to ensure a smooth transition.

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Consulting and technical support

Our commitment goes beyond implementation. We will provide you with advice and technical support to ensure that our system continues to work perfectly and according to your needs.

The satisfaction of our customers is our greatest motivation!

There are many companies that we have had the opportunity to help through the implementation of our management system based on Odoo. Nothing can make us feel happier than when our clients contact us because they start to see reflected in their figures the effects of the optimization and improvement of business efficiency that Fidegest offers.

When a client feels that they have chosen us as a partner, that is our greatest achievement.

Do you also need to give your company a boost?

Satisfied customers:

Some of the companies that have already trusted Fidegest to improve their efficiency.

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Over 20 years of experience

Fidegest is a division within Fidenet Comunication an agency from San Sebastian with more than 20 years of experience in the field of Development, Marketing and Communication.

Throughout this long journey, we have seen how, thanks to the advance of technology, our world has been transformed at a speed never seen before. A great change that has meant that the economy, communication and social relations are now being conducted in an eminently digital environment.

A large part of Fidenet Comunication success lies in having been able to walk this path with an eye on the future. Because always being one step ahead is the best way to be able to offer our clients strategic and sustainable solutions over time.

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